"There is such a community at NSCD and in Leeds, there are many opportunities and chances to get involved in so many different things in & out of dance! Connections have been growing and growing in Leeds for dance which is great for students, graduates and everyone in the city." Katy Hewison, Student
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10 reasons to choose NSCD

NSCD is part of the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama which is ranked number one amongst UK performing arts conservatoires for overall student satisfaction (90%).

  1. An inclusive community & supportive environment: NSCD aims to recruit students with the most potential. The diversity in our student body enriches the life of the school, feeding creativity and the cross-fertilisation of ideas. We are delighted to have students from different countries and cultures, of different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and abilities learning together. We continue to work really hard at NSCD to identify the barriers students may face which prevent them accessing training or make it difficult for them to participate once they are here. We make it our duty to accept an individual’s needs and make reasonable adjustments accordingly. 35% of the student body have been able to disclose and seek support for a disability since coming to NSCD.
  2. Cost of living: Many of our students say they chose NSCD because the cost of living is much lower than London. As well as accommodation and food being cheaper, students can benefit from very reasonably priced tickets to see a wide range of dance and theatre performances. Most of the accommodation is in walking distance, therefore cutting down on travel expenses.
  3. World-class teaching and research: At NSCD we stimulate a lifelong thirst for knowledge and learning and encourage a curious, pioneering, innovative and independent attitude and an aspiration to achieve success. We are committed to developing dance artists of the future who will be able to shape the art form in all its possibilities. We do this through the currency of a curriculum and pedagogical approaches that are both informed and enhanced by research and development. Staff research focuses upon a variety of different research topics including teaching and learning, technology enhanced practice, performance, health & well-being and creative practice.  Students work with staff on their projects as co-authors in the research process.
  4. Perform in a professional theatre: NSCD has its own professional theatre, The Riley Theatre, where students put on both informal and formal performances as part of their studies. Some student performances are open to the public, giving them the opportunity to experience a ‘real live’ audience.
  5. A rounded approach to your studies: The curriculum at NSCD is a ‘scaffolded curriculum’ of inter-related themes. These are technique and the physical body, creative practice, practice as research and performance in a variety of contexts. Modules enable students to be nurtured to be the very best and prepared for a portfolio career through performer, creator, teacher or producer. Through a blended approach to learning students are able to find connections to other arts forms. Ballet and Contemporary dance is re-envisaged through its relationship with other genres, screen dance, site-specific and other technologies. This helps prepare students for working on collaborative projects with other artists.
  6. Rehearsal periods: Throughout the duration of their course students engage in intensive rehearsal blocks and have access to some of the most prominent dance makers in Europe.
  7. Opportunities to boost employability: We recognise how important it is for students to have access to networks of professionals who may want to employ them when they graduate. Our entire staff base is made up of industry professionals, plus we have an extensive list of visiting professionals and companies who contribute to the school’s activities each year.  These artists lead performance projects, masterclasses, workshops, mock and real auditions, contribute to career talks and sit on assessment panels. During their studies students are encouraged to continue their professional development through participation in external projects and commissions, whilst in-house enrichment classes provide a breadth of complimentary experiences.
  8. High student satisfaction: Through the National Student Survey 2016, 96% of NSCD students said that staff made the subject interesting and were enthusiastic about what they are teaching. 100% of students said they were able to contact staff whenever they needed them.
  9. Location, location, location: Leeds is the UK’s no. 1 city for dance outside London. It has the UK’s richest dance ecology with three dedicated dance buildings, two international touring companies, one of the first national dance agencies, the only government-funded dance conservatoire north of London, and many dance artists and companies.* Leeds is also one of the UK’s most vibrant, student-friendly and fast growing cities in the UK. It has been voted the Best UK Student City by The Independent (2016) and the fifth Best European Destination by Lonely Planet (2017).
  10. ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted (2015) for its Access to HE Diploma in Contemporary Dance.

* Leeds City of Dance

"The teachers are full of knowledge and have had such varied and successful careers. The feeling of training here is very exciting. It’s located in such a diverse and community-geared area, which is so pleasant, exciting and refreshing." Henry Morris, Student
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