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Northern School of Contemporary Dance does not have student accommodation connected to the school but we do facilitate a House Hunting Day and provide support and useful contacts for you to use when arranging your accommodation.


Due to the intensive programme that students follow at NSCD we do recommend that you carefully consider the distance you live from the School.

  • The majority of NSCD students choose to live in local rented properties, walking distance from School, shared by 4-8 students.
  • Each property usually has a mix of year groups which encourages all our students to integrate and allows valuable local knowledge to be shared. Our new students often simply fill the places as our graduates leave although there will be some whole houses available.
  • The average cost of rent paid by our current students is £77.70 per week and 90% of them have their utilities included.
  • Some students choose to live in halls of residence alongside students at other colleges.
  • There is also the option of living in a local ‘Home Stay’ with a family.
  • A few, who come from the area, live at home.

Shared Housing

As the majority of our students live in shared housing, NSCD uses the services of Unipol, a student housing charity, who accredit all our recommended student housing using the Unipol code. This code aims to ensure that landlords meet and go beyond their legal minimum requirements in providing good quality, safe and well managed housing for students. NSCD recommends all students live in Unipol coded accommodation. New NSCD students will be directed to Unipol to assist with finding shared accommodation. For further information, please visit

Halls of Residence

Should you prefer not to live in shared housing, there are many halls of residence in Leeds available due to the number of Universities and colleges in the city. Several NSCD students do take this route, though it is likely you will live alongside students from these other Universities or colleges.

Halls of residence that some our students have chosen in the past are:
The Plaza
Carr Mills
Lovell Park

The accommodation for website lists many private halls of residence which may be of interest to you. These range from £85 to £167 per week. Please ensure you check their distance from NSCD, as they may require public transport to enable you to get to the school. It is also important to note that not all of these halls of residence are Unipol coded.

Some additional halls of residence websites that may be useful are:
Unite Students
My Student Halls


Throughout May Unipol collate information from local landlords and current NSCD students to produce a list of properties and rooms that will be available from September. They will then provide details of these properties by late May* both on their website and via the NSCD New Starters 2017 Facebook Group. By this point you will have had opportunity to get to know the other new starters on the Facebook Group and begun to consider who you may wish to share a house with. Unipol will also provide the contact details of existing students looking for new housemates so that you can check compatibility.

*There will be very few properties available on a search of the Unipol site for our area prior to this date; please do not worry as there will be a plentiful supply.


Of course, you can arrange to view properties at any time that suits you but NSCD will hold a House Hunting Day on a specified date. We appreciate that some of you may not be able to attend, but Unipol will ensure they make the information provided on this day available to all.

Need more information?

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