Company dancer and Digital Marketing Manager at Frontier Danceland. Singapore

Faye completed the MA Contemporary Dance Performance (Verve) in 2016.

“VERVE has been one of the best learning experiences in my life so far. It gave me a lot of confidence (the people around me, and Leeds, also played a huge role) and taught me how to recognise and work on my weaknesses and develop my strengths. The works that we were performing in VERVE, as well as the guest teachers, also gave me extremely valuable and important performance and physical skills that I'm still using and developing today.”

Faye joined Frontier Danceland very soon after leaving VERVE, and is still in the company. The company is a repertory company working with both local and international choreographers. Later on this year (2017), they will be touring to Taiwan and Almada (Portugal) to perform. Faye also has plenty of opportunities to research and showcase her own work in the company's various platforms.